The rent

There is   a car that always drives down our street with his music turnd up all the way and

Speeding down the street at night.  But one night he yelled out furry  he climbed up the big hill.

His vehicle is big and fast then he slowly drove in to my drive way then hid in the bush.  Then the cops drove past my house then the cops came and knocked on the door.  I came runing to the door, I said, “he’s in the bush!  That’s not what I wanted, I needed to tell you need to pay rent.”


The mystry statue

The Mystery statue

One day is was working  dawn the street I saw this street and I saw a big statue I said that “is new that” was never there that is new I was thinking of why that would be there ales it’s a new ornament but I keep running away went home and I said to mum “there was a new statue” there and she said that that has being there the hole year what am I in the future “it looks very old thou” mum said it been there for years it got mose on it thou.

Im lost

One day I needed to go to the shops but I didn’t know which way to go.  I started running  every where to try to find the shops.  “Which way to the shops?” I panted, “I need to do my shopping because I am hungry  my cupboard is empty I’m gonna die!”  I Decided to go home so I can get my car and use the map to go to the shop then I set up the map to the shop then I see the shop.